Opinion: My Cares Act Home Confinement Story-Jeanne Rae Green

The below opinion piece is another of the many stories of individuals that were released under the Cares Act.  Over 4,500 individuals who wait in limbo to see if the Biden Administration will help them stay home.  Individuals who have reunited with their families, leased housing, purchased vehicles, obtained employment, and integrated back into society.  Individuals who have followed all of the many rules that have been placed upon them.  Individuals who are true success stories.  We hope that by telling their stories it will encourage the Biden Administration to grant them clemency or for Congress to offer another form of relief to prevent them from being returned to federal prison.   #KeepThemHome

By: Jeanne Rae Green

My name is Jeanne Rae Green USMS #21983-078.

I am 48 years old and at the present time live in Porter Texas with my cousin and her family. On May 15, 2020 I was released on the Cares Act from Bryan Federal Prison Camp in Bryan Tx. I served 78 months of a 151 month sentence. In 2013 I was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Manufacture with Possession and intent to distribute Methamphetamine. I was a category 1 with zero criminal history points.

During the 78 months I served I never received any incident reports or disciplinary write ups. I took Non-Residential Drug classes along with many other and worked on the myself to make sure I would come out a better person. A healthier person not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. While I was incarcerated, I rebuilt my relationships with my three adult children, my siblings, and other family.

My good time date is August 1, 2024 and I have been on home detention for 14 months. When I was released from prison, I didn’t have any of my credentials and only the clothing my family and friends gathered for me in the two weeks we had after finding out I would be eligible to go home. I was released to my sister’s house and she helped me get acclimated to being out. I have family and friends that are my support group.

During the first few months I was home I acquired my birth certificate, social security card, and my driver’s license. I felt amazing and ready to keep moving forward. Five months ago, after looking for a few months and my cousin’s wife putting in a good work for me, I started working for Landmark Industries also known as Time Wise Food Mart. They gave me an opportunity to prove that I can and am a productive member of society. I can now pay room and board to my cousin. Support myself without being a strain on taxpayers.

I was blessed with four granddaughters while incarcerated but was only able to start having a relationship with them since I have been home. Since being home I have been blessed with a grandson. My grandchildren call me MayMay and smile when they get out of the car and see me. My heart is so full because of the bond I have with them. My adult children and I have rebuilt our relationships and grow closer the long I am home. They are able to call their mom and ask my advice or tell me they love me.

I have worked hard at my job to learn the skills required and by doing so I look forward to going to work and earning a paycheck every week. I am saving money for future goals like a vehicle and dental work. There is also room for advancement where I work but it will have to wait until I am no longer on a monitor because of being on call.

When I was released on the Cares Act, I had no idea that there was a possibility to be pulled back to prison. I don’t understand how it’s ok for me to be release but once the pandemic is over have to return because I still have 3 years until my outdate. My three adult children, family, or friends don’t even want to think about or talk about the what if’s. What will my grandchildren that range from 7 to 2 months old think if I just disappear? It will break their hearts along with mine. What do I tell them?

What do I tell my supervisors that took a chance on me? Oh, I am sorry but by the way after you spent all this time training me and working with me and dealing with the halfway house… “I have to quit and go back”?

I am not the person that was arrested in 2013 because I have worked hard and changed to be who I am today. I qualified to be released under the Cares Act and since then I have continued to do everything that is asked of me by the halfway house and to better myself. The treat of being returned is on my mind all the time and it isn’t right.



  1. These folks have been at home and caused no issue so returning would be loke a second punishment for them. They have been productive members of our communities for this long so why take that from them? #keepthemhome

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