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My past training as a therapist has carried through into my legal practice in several unexpected ways. The most useful skill set of which is watching for features of psychopathology – for the lay-folks, what you would call red...

Cares Act

Midnight Report Announces the Free Raquel Esquivel Campaign

In April of 2009, shortly after a three day jury trial, Raquel Esquivel was sentenced to 180 months in federal prison for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana. After being a model prisoner, and serving 11 years in prison, in April 2020, Raquel was released to serve the remainder of...

Identity Theft

How I Got an ID Theft Conviction Tossed After a Lawyer Dropped the Ball

Well here you go people, I’m Larry Levine, and this is Story #2 in my Lazy Criminal Defense Lawyer Series about Self Serving attorneys who screw their clients by getting them to just plead guilty, without taking the time to read and understand their charges, and how I pulled...

Maryland man sentenced in Million Dollar Wire Fraud & ID Theft scheme

BALTIMORE, MD. June 3, 2021- Robert Lee Snowden Jr. (aged 45, of Owings Mills, Maryland) was today sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ellen L. Hollander for conspiring to commit wire fraud and for aggravated identity theft linked to a series of fraud schemes executed between 2013 and 2020. Snowden is...

VA Employee Sentenced for Theft of Veterans Personal Info

LITTLE ROCK—A former program analyst for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was sentenced to prison on Thursday afternoon after stealing personal information from veterans and VA employees. Phillip Hill, 35, of Malvern, was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison by United States District Judge Kristine G....

Healthcare Fraud

Hold On! Are all these Vaxxs Setting us up for SuperBugs to wipe out the Vaxxed?

UPDATE 9-10-21 Stunning news from inside the Air Force Dr Robert Malone who invented the mRNA Vax Tech has a lot to say about that and he says it does not look good! Listen to what He has to say  Thank You Dr Malone  Here is WHY && HOW Covid was not stopped early and became a Global Pandemic Listen to David Martin as he explains the history of SARS  Covid & the BioWeapons they became after Facui and...


Former UAW President Sentenced to Prison for Embezzling Union Funds

Gary Jones, the former President of the international United Auto Workers union, was sentenced to 28 months in prison today for conspiring with other...

Ohio Political Consultant Pleads Guilty in $1.4 Million Dollar Embezzlement Scheme

CINCINNATI – A political and media consultant pleaded guilty in federal court today to wire fraud and falsification of records related to the embezzlement...

California Attorney Sentenced to 2 Years for Embezzlement and Wire Fraud

SAN FRANCISCO – John Arthur Hudson was sentenced in federal court yesterday to two years in prison and ordered to pay $828,521.52 in restitution...

Credit Card Fraud

Atlanta Men Sentenced in Credit Card Cigarette Fraud Scheme

ATLANTA – Mamadou Sow, Demarcus Myree, Boubacar Tivalo, and Jacob James, have been sentenced for access device fraud and aggravated identity theft related to purchases of massive quantities of cigarettes from Sam's Club retail...

Bank Fraud

Georgia CEO pleads guilty in multi-million dollar bank fraud

VALDOSTA, Ga. – A Southwest Georgia businessman and owner of a tractor supply company has pleaded guilty to orchestrating a complicated fraud involving millions...

Chase Bank Employees Plead Guilty in $7 Million Dollar Bank Fraud

Earlier today, in federal court in Brooklyn, Abed Ahmad and his brother Alaa Ahmad, pleaded guilty before United States District Judge Eric N. Vitaliano...

New Jersey Man Sentenced in $3.5 Million Dollar Bank Fraud Scheme

Baltimore, Maryland – U.S. District Judge Deborah K. Chasanow today sentenced Mehul Khatiwala, age 37, of Voorhees, New Jersey, to 63 months in federal...

How I Got an ID Theft Conviction Tossed After a Lawyer Dropped the Ball

Well here you go people, I’m Larry Levine, and this is Story #2 in my Lazy Criminal Defense Lawyer Series about Self Serving attorneys...

How I Did an End Run to a Judge & Got a Sentence Dropped From 90 to 18 Months

THIS IS A TRUE STORY. NO BULLSHIT HERE! If you’re like most, you’ve probably crossed paths with a lawyer once or twice in your life,...

Wall Street Prison Consultants

Cares Act Fraud

Wire Fraud

Tax Fraud