YOU have been lied to about the Covid Frauds Here is Proof!


Listen to this young man explain our American Plight!

Either you KNOW our world is in trouble or you are overwhelmed/brainwashed/controlled by the Mainstream News Narratives. We hope, for your own sake and the sake of those you love, you will study this report for the truths everyone needs. IF you have any EVIDENCE that information we are reporting is incorrect, please contact us at 888-849-6160 LA time to help us find the truth that we all need.
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Eighteen seconds of Truth and Clarity from one of the finest human beings I’ve ever encountered on this ride with us all on spaceship Earth in my 69 years.  THAT is exactly what the featured video above IS! Eighteen Seconds! 

Either YOU dear reader, Sense Suspect or KNOW something is deadly wrong in our world, or you don’t. And If you do not feel uneasy enough to at least QUESTION the narrative that the Covid has come for YOU for EVERYONE, so hide in your homes, hide behind the masks, and seek the purported ultimate shelter under the experimental medical treatments they call the vaccines. Your dread most likely began to spawn when you started hearing or reading about the corona virus in early 2020. The fear mongered, dystopian struggle against the invisible enemy that was shoved down each and everyone of our throats, turns out is like a Michael Bay movie.  The narrative pushed out 24 hours a day around the world, IS WAY Long on special effects, huge fear impacts, and ultimately has been a deadly, E ticket ride produced in Fantasy Land!

1  Here is a little of what the most published Cardiologist in the USA as to say about the Pandemic & Participation in the medical  trials called The Jab

Really this whole global exercise, as it turns out,  IS HOW TO seize control of countries and their citizens. These RICO style crimes by the Corporate Oligarchy, could have been stopped by early treatments with protocols using Ivermectin, HCQ, and inhaled Budesonide.  Watch video 2 of testimony in the US Senate by Dr Pierre Kory of Why is this so important?  Well dear reader, because THIS alone could have reversed the course of the global illness curve.  In Fact, it DID just that in many specific places around the world.  That news was hidden and instead a campaign of lies and censorship was unleashed on every TV screen just about everywhere.

Video A   Four Months and America was restructured  from 7-2020.  

Instead of the JOY that Covid’s been cured in 2020 all we got was FEAR FEAR FEAR. WE, you and me, and all our friends and family, had to suffer the consequences of Covid-19 Corporate Controls unleashed upon us by willing criminal interests embedded in every major government in the world. OH Hell we lost the first 18 months of the  struggle because The Big Lie Propaganda Machine was awesomely ready and deployed to stun us all.  BUT people like Dr Kory and Dr McCullough have continued on publishing pieces of the truth as they can. And people like us at JNN keep retelling their stories of truth as we can while being deleted scrubbed and locked out of social media Platforms.

2  Watch this video from Dec 8, 2020.

Yea, let the fact that the Covid-19 Pandemic did not have to come down like it did.  It could have been stopped and wrapped up in the first year.  Yea it could have been Done, Gone, Over-With, Yea For Freaking Real.  Please listen to this doc who treated 6,000 cases of Covid in early 2020 and lost only THREE>>>
Think he qualifies as an expert in his field?
Watch this stunning presentation of FACTS and Implications of the global crisis in the last 18 months.

3  Attorney Reiner Fuellmich interviewing Dr Zelenko 7-28-21

Yes Yes Yes HOW can that be you ask.  Because as Dr Peter McCullough said in video 1 above, the Pandemic was all about the vaccine not the Covid Bug itself. This is as serious as it gets folks. You MUST want to pursue the truth on this one, to save yourself and loved ones.  Watch video #1 again. Or just break down and watch the 4 minutes for the first time IF you didn’t watch it yet. Do it because he is Spot On in his analysis. How can I be so certain he is a creditable source?  Because he is the MOST Published USA doc in his field, and the Vice Chair of Baylor U Internal Medicine in Dallas. That is why.

4  Dr McCullough tells of the Suppression of the Early Treatment & Truth

So Fast Forward to July 2021.  America is in crisis.  Millions of Americans have been tricked into participating in an EVIL (MY WORD from what I have learned) medical experiment that in ANY CASE will not go well for many, if not most, of those who were tricked into doing it.  This is what REAL informed consent must look like. Did YOU get this BEFORE they Vaxxed You?

If you listened to the docs above and have said to yourself, I knew something was wrong all along.  If YOU see that these Docs are stand up folks, not just mouth pieces for the captured government agencies working for the Corporate Oligarchy, Ala Fauci, Please continue follow the reporting work here.

I also recommend you explore the mountains of evidence that has been compiled on Covid, the Cures, the Big Lies, and the Frauds at  Tell them JNN sent ya OK? 

OK Fast forward to July 27 in San Antonio TX.  Dr Ryan Cole explains what the vaccine spike proteins are doing to those who are dying from Vaccine Adverse  Events and getting Autopsied. Recent VARES info shows 

5  Dr Ryan Cole 7-27-21  He KNOWS which end is up and the Truth of all this.

Damn My Instincts TOLD me I was right to hold out against VAXXing
This Doc says WHY I was right!
#WASS (We Are So Screwed) Mad Cow

6  Dr Richard Fleming in Dallas 6-10-21 Event 2021 2 MUST SEE Minutes

So Who do you believe?  What do you believe? Well I have been convinced that What we are facing  is not a virus, it is a patented Bio-Weapon.  And the Patents and research grants the US government have filed and funded since 1999 ARE a foundational block of evidence leading to the conclusion that all the Patent holders and grant funders are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.
7  Meet Dr David Martin another expert who knows what he is talking about.
Yes people we ALL have been defrauded out of our humanity using the fraudulent case numbers gathered by the WHO (World Health Organization) using the PCR testing methods (you know those swabs they stuck up everybody’s noses to test for Covid)  specified by a German Dr Christian Drosten.  He is the guy who set the specification for the RT-PCR Test to be run at 40 cycles which often yields a majority of FALSE Positives. 
8  The PCR Tests are worthless to determine active cases of Covid-19

Video 8 A Detailed explanation of the PCR tests

So to sum up there is an international coalition of Doctors Lawyers, Scientists and everyday global citizens working together to confront the Oligarchy and prove the frauds in courts around the world.  Another fraud and actually a murder spree is being investigated and exposed for the Crime Against Humanity that it is.
Meet Dr Bryan Adris
9  Dr Bryan Ardis reveals inside info about the Remdesivir Scandal 13 min

So there is much more for you to see hear and weigh the validity of in this story.  The game is afoot.  YOU must decide for yourselves will you fight the Big Lies and help share the truth of the Covid-19 Pandemic Frauds and expoae the Crimes Against Humanity being perpetuated on all the citizens of our Earth right now.  Or you can listen to David Muir, Lester Holt, Anderson Cooper and the rest of the MSM talking heads, and continue to fall victim to those crimes. 

Or you can listen to this Irish Doctor and her prescription for retaining our collective humanity and civil rights around the world. Please study and share this report and the reporting of like minded people around the world.

10  This Irish Doctor Speaks The Truth of her Experience

Bonus Video 1

Do NOT let this be our future here in America, or anywhere else for that matter

Larry Alger
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